The New Zealand Antarctic Research Community was delighted to host the XXIII biennial SCAR meeting in Auckland in August 2014. Mauro Guglielmin convened the soil and permafrost sessions for the SCAR conference. There were 50 abstracts, 15 talks, 35 posters + other relevant talks in other sessions, making permafrost and soils one of the larger groups within the SCAR conference. Thanks to Mauro for his effort here.

An ANTPAS (Antarctic Permafrost And Soils) business meeting was held at the SCAR meeting. Upcoming meetings of interest to ANTPAS members include:

2015: SCAR Earth Sciences: Goa, India, 13-17 July 2015 – Goncalo Vieira will convene a permafrost and soil session.

2015 : Russia – Baikal For further information contact Sergey Goryachkin email

2015: IAG geomorphology – in Russia July 2-4 2015 Barnaul, Altai Mountains

2016: IPA, Potsdam, Germany – We will propose a session for pemafrost and soil papers within the conference and in addition we propose to hold 1 day ANTPAS workshop, at or immediately after the IPA Potsdam meeting. 20-24 June 2016. Goncalo Vieira and Mauro Guglielmin to convene. The next business meeting of ANTPAS will be held in conjunction with the IPA meeting.

2016: SCAR Malaysia 19-31 August 2016. Mauro Guglielmin to propose and convene an ANTPAS session.

2018: World Soils Congress in Brazil August 12-17 2018 will likely include a cryosol session.

Congratulations to Fiona Shanhun who won a SCAR postdoctoral award to continue her research on Antarctic soil carbonates and CO2 emissions.

The New Zealand Antarctic Research programme has had some major changes in the funding system with a new series of projects under development and mainly commencing in the 2015-16 Antarctic field season.

This southern summer Megan Balks will lead a trip to undertake maintenance and download of our 11 soil and permafrost borehole climate monitoring sites. The Craig Cary led NZTABs project is undertaking preliminary work in the Cape Adair region with plans to expand work inthe Northern ross Sea Region in coming seasons.

Report prepared by Megan Balks (