Danish/Greenlandic contribution the IPA yearly report

The Center for Permafrost (CENPERM) at Copenhagen University now comprises 44 employees, and has continued investigations at sites in Greenland, Svalbard, Siberia and Sweden. In 2014 the existing research sites were expanded with two new sites, and now comprise both agriculture and sheep farming in South Greenland, as well as a new site at Brønlundhus in Peary Land, North Greenland. Furthermore, a new CALM grid was established in Ilulissat, Central West Greenland, in cooperation between CENPERM and the Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK) at the Technical University of Denmark.

A national cooperation between CENPERM, the Department of Geoscience at Aarhus University and ARTEK completed a short term high temporal resolution electrical resistivity and induced polarization monitoring experiment at the Arctic Station research site in Central West Greenland. Six to twelve daily ERT-IP profiles were collected over a period of 8 months, showing the diurnal and seasonal variation in electrical soil properties as the ground freezes.

Three PhD projects were completed in 2014. Andreas Bech Mikkelsen (CENPERM) has successfully defended the PhD thesis "Freshwater discharge and sediment transport to Kangerlussuaq Fjord, West Greenland – processes, modelling and implications". Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen (CENPERM) has submitted the PhD thesis "Digital cameras to large scale Arctic ecosystem dynamics", and Frederik Ancker Agergaard (ARTEK) has submitted the PhD thesis "Strength and deformation properties of fine-grained permafrost soils in Greenland" for defense in January 2015.

Report prepared by Thomas Ingemann-Nielsen ( tin@byg.dtu.dk)