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A.-L. Ahumada, G. Ibáñez Palacios and S. Páez (Fundación Miguel Lillo, Tucumán) continue their research of cryogenic environments and rockglaciers of the Sierra de Aconquija (Province of Tucumán) and Sierra de Santa Victoria (Provinces of Salta and Jujuy). They have registered 256 active and 67 inactive rockglaciers at Aconquija and located their limit of activity at 4300 m a.s.l. approximately. The research group has also started investigations at the Nevados de Cachi (Province of Jujuy). A.-L. Aumada was invited to hold a lecture on global warming at the Academy of Science in Buenos Aires. Together with other experts (e.g. D. Trombotto), she worked as advisor for the elaboration of an Argentine Law for the protection of glaciers and rock glaciers.

A. Brenning and X. Bodin (University of Waterloo, Canada) continued the geodetic monitoring of rock glaciers and thermokarst-affected massive ice in the Andes of Santiago/Chile in 2008/09. In addition to differential GPS measurements initiated in 2004, they used terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) on rockglaciers for the first time in the Andes. Additionally, ground surface temperatures are being monitored at a wide range of locations for statistical analysis.

Peteroa Volcano, Argentina / Chile (Photograph provided by Dario Trombotto)

L. Ruiz (IANIGLA) has successfully applied the BTS method to detect permafrost in the Valley of Silence near Lake Caradoc in the north-west of the province of Chubut. He thereby recovered the input information necessary for a model simulation of permafrost extent in the vicinity of the Lake District in the Humid Andes. The identified mountain permafrost was characterized as a type of low altitude patchy (island) permafrost (>1700 m a.s.l.) with surface radiation values typically lower than 14 Mj/m²/d. M. Castro (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza) has registered 95 rockglaciers in the Cordillera del Tigre (Province of Mendoza).

In 2009, D. Trombotto (IANIGLA) and P. Penas (CNEA, Buenos Aires) with the support of the ICES (Malargüe) made an inspection flight over the active volcano Peteroa for a thermal analysis of the caldera which is ice covered and features exposures with permafrost and subterranean glacier ice.

Dario Trombotto (dtrombot@lab.cricyt.edu.ar)