In the framework of the study of the ecology of breeding and moulting geese and wader birds using the Northwest-European migration routes, expeditions focusing on permafrost have continued in 2008.

In August 2008 S. Gurney (University of Reading) conducted a pilot project in the far north of Finland based at the Kevo Sub-Arctic Research Institute with colleagues R. Mourne (University of the West of England) and J. Käyhkö (University of Turku, Finland). The project aims to investigate methane production from collapsing palsas. A palsa mire not previously investigated was identified and preliminary data obtained. The work was funded through the LAPBIAT scheme of the EU Sixth Framework Programme ‘Structuring the European Research Area Specific Programme’.

The U.S. Permafrost Association (USPA) served as the parent organization for the Ninth International Conference on Permafrost. A U.S. National Committee was established under the USPA to assist the University of Alaska’s Local Organizing Committee as a co-sponsor and co-organizer of NICOP. Approximately 700 people, including 160 young investigators, from 31 countries participated.