The 8th International Symposium on Cold Region Development ISCORD 2007 took place in September 25-27, 2007 in Tampere, Finland.

The symposium was attended by 183 participants from 14 countries, presenting 113 papers from 12 countries in 23 sessions. The symposium was arranged by the Finnish Society of Civil Engineers (RIL) and sponsored by the ASCE, the International Polar Year, the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT, the International Society of Soil Mechanics and the Geotechnical Engineering / International Technical Committee on Frost, ISSMGE/ITC 8. In the symposium, a wide set of presentations dealt with various aspects of living in environments with seasonal frost and permafrost, such as construction and maintenance of infrastructure, buildings, transport facilities, foundations, materials, as well as safety and environmental aspects, climate change, and education. ISSMGE/ITC 8 held its Committee meeting at the conference. The hosting IASCORD (International Association of Symposia on Cold Region Development, decided to hold the next ISCORD in Yakutsk, Republic of Sahka (Russia), in the summer of 2010. The symposium was attended by the President of RIL, J. Haapamaki, the President of ASCE, B. Marcuson, and the Honorary President of IASCORD, H. Sasaki.

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