D. Trombotto was invited to Mexico City to attend the regional Latin American meeting ‘GEO sobre hielos y nieves’ and to report on the framework of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). The meeting was held for the presentation of the book Global Outlook for Ice and Snow. D. Trombotto conributed to this publication with the chapter on Frozen Ground organized and supervised by Vladimir Romanovsky.

D. Trombotto is participating in two projects of the International Polar Year, IPY; Antarctic and sub- Antarctic Permafrost, Periglacial and Soil Environments (ANTPAS-30) and Land Impact on polar and sub-polar geosytems: extent, significance, perspectives (LUPOG-282).

On occasion of the IPY the University of Comahue, Neuquén Province, Argentina, held a Symposium on Global Warming in the framework of the IPY (November) organized by the meteorologist M. Cogliati and the Canadian Center of Comahue (lead by M. Rosso). Active members of the South American Association of Permafrost presented reports on Andean geocryology (A.-L. Ahumada, D. Trombotto), on palaeopalynology, on the topic of fire records in Quaternary Patagonian stratigraphy (M. Bianchi), and on climatology from a natural and astronomical point of view associated with global warming (R. Compagnucci). These contributions are published in the Boletín Geográfico Nr. 30 under the direction of G. de Jong from the Department of Geography, University of Comahue.

Thermal variations observed in the active layer of the Andean monitoring areas of the province of Mendoza, Argentina, was presented by D. Trombotto at the International Symposium on Antarctic and Earth Sciences at Santa Barbara, California, and at the Symposium on Research in the Field of Hydrological Resources held at the Universidad de Cuyo in Mendoza (September), as well as at regional conferences. In November monitoring results from the Mendoza province, was presented during the Third International ICES E-ICES meeting in Malargüe (November), at the Centre of Geosciences, Argentina. This centre is about to be opened with the help of the National Commission of Nuclear Energy (J. Ruzzante), Buenos Aires and the “Instituto di Acustica”, Rome, Italy.

Data on thermal changes in the active layer and in suprapermafrost are still scarce and not well presented in the Andean Cordillera of Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador where B. Francou works. Publication in Spanish is urgently needed, since there is no scientific journal on geocryology, where scientific contributions and recent data can be published in Spanish. This situation places our researchers at disadvantage in the evaluation and distribution of information in prestigious and indexed journals.

Dario Trombotto (dtrombot@lab.cricyt.edu.ar)