A permafrost monitoring and mapping programme was started in collaboration between the University of Oslo (B. Etzelmüller, O. Humlum), the JFS Geological Services, Iceland (Á. Guümundsson) and the University of Iceland (H. Björnsson).

Four shallow boreholes (between 8 and 24 m) were drilled in central and eastern Iceland, all at around 900 m asl. In addition, a ground surface temperature monitoring programme was established in northern (Trollaskagi) and eastern Iceland (Vopnafjurdur). Studies on permafrost and slope dynamics within the framework of moving rock glaciers, ice-cored moraines and other slope deposits continued using digital photogrammetry on multitemporal air photos

(B. Wangensteen, Á. Guümundsson, A. Kääb, T. Eiken, H. Farbrot, B. Etzelmüller).