Research on periglacial processes by G. Vieira (CEG– University of Lisbon) continues in the Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal. The installation of a meteorological station at the top of the mountain with monitoring of ground temperatures, radiation and energy fluxes is under preparation.

C. Mora (CEG–University of Lisbon) is studying the local climate of the same mountain, with special focus on monitoring of air temperatures at different topographic positions. Remote sensing data is being used to calculate the components of the radiation balance in winter and summer. Geomorphological dynamics, and climate studies were presented at the IPA–Spain meeting in La Granja–San Ildefonso (Segovia) in June. The collaboration between the Universities of Lisbon (G. Vieira) and of Alcalá de Henares (Spain–M. Ramos) that focus on the study of the active layer and permafrost on Livingston Island (Antarctic) continues and the drilling of new boreholes is planned. Results of this joint project were presented at 8th ICOP.

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