Ian Campbell, Megan Balks and Christine Eliot participated in the 8th ICOP. Megan Balks, Mauro Guglielmin (Italy) and Ron Paetzold (U.S.A.) presented a joint paper relating to the permafrost monitoring that is being undertaken in the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica. Christine Eliot presented a paper summarising her Ph.D., a study on rock weathering processes in Antarctica.

Ian Campbell presented a summary of thermokarst landforms that occur in the transantarctic mountains of Antarctica. The New Zealand and Italian Antarctic programmes are collaborating to develop a coordinated monitoring programme within the Ross Sea Region. The Landcare Research Antarctic research programme, led by Dr. Jackie Aislabie, has secured funding for a sixyear programme relating to human impacts on soils and permafrost in the Ross Sea Region. In the 2003–04 Antarctic summer they plan to undertake work at Cape Hallett related to soil and permafrost characterization. Commencing in the 2004–05 summer, Megan Balks (University of Waikato) and Malcolm McLeod (Landcare Research) will lead a soil and permafrost mapping effort based in the Wright Valley. The proposed mapping project will include a number of graduate students and will contribute to the IPA Cryosol and Antarctic Permafrost Working Groups’ soil and permafrost mapping initiatives.

Megan Balks (m.balks@waikato.ac.nz)