The Spanish IPA group held a three-day workshop at Potes (Cantabrian Mountains), 27-29 June 2001. The workshop was organised by the Department of Geography, University of Valladolid, co-sponsored by the Castilla y León Regional Government, the National Park of Picos de Europa and the Spanish Geomorphological Society.

On the first day the workshop subject was mountain periglacial environments, while on the second day a field trip across the high mountain in Picos de Europa visited an oceanic high mountain periglacial environment, and finally, the last day was devoted to the periglacial environment at high latitudes. Daniel Vonder Mühll delivered the opening lecture entitled Mountain Permafrost in Europe: an overview based on the PACE project. The meeting had twenty nine participants from Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. Twenty talks were presented emphasizing Quaternary periglacial environments in the Iberian Mountains, principally in the northern mountains and Central System, and modern periglacial environments and processes in the Iberian Mountains and in the Arctic and Antarctic. The topics include the presence and distribution of permafrost in the Pyrenees and in the Sierra Nevada; and nival and mass movements related to periglacial proccesses in the Central System (Gredos, Guadarrama and La Estrelha); and application of new techniques to study periglacial processes such as permafrost modelling and BTS and ground temperatures measurements at Sierra Nevada, La Estrelha and Pyrenees. Permafrost, active-layer dynamics and slope processes, linked to geomorphological mapping in periglacial environments in the Arctic and at the South Shetland Islands (Antarctic) by Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian researchers, were the mains topics on high latitudes. A booklet containing summaries of the presentations was available and a formal publication is in preparation. Two workshop topics were highlighted. First, the differences between oceanic and mediterranean mountains in the Iberian Península, with a particular emphasis on dynamic of the mediterranean high mountain and a strong importance of nival processes in the mountains of central Spain (Cantabrian Ranges and Central System). Second, the use of advanced technologies in periglacial environment and the participation of the IPA Spanish group members on Arctic and Antarctic research groups.

The Spanish IPA group will meet next in the Gredos Range in June 2003, organised by the Department of Geodynamics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Before then Spanish periglacial geomorphologists will meet at the Symposium on Mountain Geomorphology in the VII National Meeting of the Spanish Geomorphological Society, 19-20 September 2002 at Valladolid.

Enrique Serrano ( David Palacios (