Research on periglacial dynamics is conducted in the project ‘Geomorphological and biophysical dynamics and landscape units in Mediterranean mountains (1999-2001), Sierra da Estrela’.

The main topics include air, ground and rock temperature monitoring, geomorphological mapping of relict features, and monitoring of contemporary periglacial dynamics in the area above 1600 m asl. The control of the cryogenic processes on the vegetation are studied, and the identification of the plant associations adapted to different cryogenic dynamics is estimated by A.B. Ferreira, G. Vieira and C. Mora (Lisbon University) J. Jansen, (Nijmegen University, The Netherlands), M. Ramos (Alcalá de Henares University, Spain). The collaboration between G. Vieira (University of Lisbon) and M. Ramos (Alcalá University) for studying Antarctic permafrost and active layer in the Livingston and Deception Islands continues, and new results were presented at international meetings. In 2001 a Portuguese Association of Geomorphologists was constituted (email: geomorf @ ceg. ul. pt). This is an important milestone for Portuguese geomorphology.

Gonçalo Vieira (