The Kazakhstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory of the Permafrost Institute SD, RAS continued monitoring of the thermal regime of the permafrost and the depth of seasonal freezing ground in the northern Tien Shan (basin of river Bolshaya Almatinka, Transili Alatau Ridge).

This monitoring were extended during 2001 when more automatical stations were started. The laboratory continues to carry out measurements of the dynamics of the active rock glacier of the Gorodetsky’s glacier, including solifluction processes and kurums. An estimation of the underground/permafrost ice volume of the northern Tien Shan was carried out as a first attempt for the mountains of Central Asia. It was determined that the volume of permafrost ice is the same as the volume of the glaciers. There is the tendency for a faster degradation of glacier ice compared to the permafrost ice in this area. The laboratory also continues to carry out expeditional investigations of the influence of the construction of a highway on alpine permafrost hear the Kolalmaty Pass, Trausili Alatau Ridge. The digital geocryological map of Burenkhaan Area (Mongolia) was compiled by S. S. Marchenko in cooperation with Mongolian scientists. The book entitled ´Mudflows near Almaty- Looking at the Past´, was published in Kazakhstan in 2001. It includes dates of mudflow activity during the last 300 years and information on alpine permafrost and underground ice in the Transili Alatau Ridge, northern Tin Shan. A.P. A.P.

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