The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is now under construction on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Construction of the railway at its northern and southern sections, which are within non-permafrost regions, is being conducted by a number of construction companies of China.

The First Survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of the Railway of China is surveying and designing the sections of the railway in the permafrost regions. Research on the design, construction and operation of this railway in the permafrost region on the plateau has primarily been carried out by the State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering, CAREERI, CAS, the Northwest Branch of the China Academy of Railway Sciences, and the First Survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of Railway of China.
The Chinese Society of Glaciology and Geocryology plans to organie the Sixth National Conference on Glaciology and Geocryology, which will be held 27-29 March 2002 in Lanzhou, China. This conference is organised to summarize and exchange the achievements and experience on scientific research and engineering practice in cold regions in recent years and to select a number of papers to be submitted to the next International Conference on Permafrost in 2003. Scientists and engineers who are interested in this field from China and other countries are welcome to participate in this conference.
A new book entitled ´Fracture Mechanics of Frozen Soil and Its Application´ written by Prof. Li Hongsheng and Prof. Zhu Yuanlin will be published in the end of 2001. This book is written in Chinese, but with English contents, abstracts and figure and table texts. The book ´Geocryology in China´ published in 2000 in Chinese, was reviewed extensively by Tingjun Zhang, University of Colorado, USA, in Permafrost and Periglacial Processes.

Zhu Yuanlin(