The Permafrost Laboratory of the Institute of Geography of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences prepared in 2000 a publication concerning seasonal freezing and thawing of ground in Mongolia. Also a preliminary map of Mongolia at a scale of 1:1,500,000, and a map of seasonal freezing and thawing are being compiled.


The Laboratory continues to carry out permafrost monitoring in selected areas of Mongolia. Also the Mongolian-Japanese joint expedition continues their permafrost investigations. Financial support from the USA and Japanese organisations enabled N. Sharkhuu to participate in the international permafrost- related meetings held in Alaska and Japan this year.

We are organising an International Permafrost Symposium on Mountain and Arid Land Permafrost in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2-6 September, 2001 and a post-symposium field trip on permafrost features, mapping, engineering and monitoring in the Khubsugul and Khangai mountain regions, Mongolia, 7-12 September, both in cooperation with the IPA. The provisional programme was distributed to the IPA, other organisations and individuals.(See Forthcoming Meetings for more details).

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