Else Kolstrup Physical Geography, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Uppsala, continues research on boundary constraints of geomorphological forms and processes in past and present periglacial environments. Faculty and NFR-funded projects involve a thesis study by Bo Westin on constraints of thermal contraction cracking and another by Frieda Zuidhoff on boundary constraints of palsas in Lappland. Dynamics of, and dating methods applicable to, Danish Weichselian coversand (aeolian) deposits are being investigated in cooperation with Göran Possnert (Uppsala) and Andrew Murray (Risö, Denmark). Also casts from thermal contraction cracks in Denmark are the subject of investigation. Philip Wookey, Else Kolstrup and Göran Possnert continue the NFR-funded project ‘Climate Change, Soil Organic Matter Lability and Decomposer Metabolism in High Latitude Soils in Northern Iceland’. Wookey is playing a strong role within the EU project Dynamic Response of the Forest-Tundra Ecotone to Environmental Change (DART), and is chairman of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX). Late December 1998 Prof. em Anders Rapp died and Swedish periglacial research has thereby lost a highly merited representative.

Else Kolstrup (Else.Kolstrup@natgeog.uu.se)