The main focus of activity during the past year was the monitoring of permafrost and related periglacial forms (BTS and summer temperature measurements of springs situated at the base of rock glaciers, talus cones and block fields) in the Fagaras, Retezat, Parang, Tarcu (Southern Carpathians), and Detunata Goala (Apuseni) Mountains, by a team of the West University of Timisoara, under the coordination of Petru Urdea. For the next three years (1999-2001) the same team will work in the grant 15/63 ‘Study of the presentday morphodynamic processes in alpine zone of the Southern Carpathians (Transsylvanian Alps) from the perspective of sustainable development of the mountain area’, financed by the National Council of Scientific Research for Higher Education, of the National Education Ministry.

Petru Urdea (