During 1999 Portuguese periglacial researchers continued studies mentioned in previous reports. Maria Luísa Rodrigues presented a PhD thesis on the Quaternary deposits and present-day dynamics of the Limestone Massif of Estremadura. Among other issues, she analysed the significance of relict stratified slope deposits. At the IPA-Spain meeting in Albarracín, António de Brum Ferreira, Maria Luísa Rodrigues and Gonçalo Teles Vieira presented a synthesis on the relict and present-day periglacial phenomena in Portugal. Gonçalo Teles Vieira participated in the IGU/IPA periglacial symposium in Lodz, Poland. A small group is being organised in order to apply in the near future for membership in the IPA. The group includes researchers from the Universities of Lisbon (4), Coimbra (2) and Oporto (1).

Gonçalo Teles Vieira (gtvieira@ceg.ul.pt)