The Kazakstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory took part in the International Archaeological expedition in the Altai Mountains (Buchtarma Valley). It investigated permafrost in burial mounds and permafrost in natural conditions. The low limit of the sporadic permafrost belt at approximately 1100 m asl. (49º20’N and 86º22’E) ha been determined.
The laboratory carried out monitoring of the thermal regime of alpine permafrost, of seasonally frozen ground and dynamics of solifluction processes, kurums and the Gorodetsky rock glacier in the Northern Tien Shan. A manuscript about fossil debris flows near Almaty was prepared for publication.

The cooperation programme of permafrost investigation between Mongolia and Kazakstan will be initiated in 1999, and continue until 2001. During 1998-1999 about 20 articles on topics of cryogenic processes have been published. Modelling of alpine permafrost distribution in connection with climate change continues in the Tien Shan Mountains.

A.P. Gorbunov (