During 1999 the following activities were performed by the IPA Italian Adhering Body. In the EU PACE project:
- Monitoring of the thermal regime of the bedrock down to 100 m depth in the Stelvio Pass borehole (ItalianAlps; 3,000 m asl.) and of the active layer at La Foppa rock glacier;
- Chemical, physical and crystallographic analyses of the ground ice collected from the Foscagno rock glacier borehole;
- Development of a new spatial model of alpine permafrost distribution, based on DTM and climatic para- meters (air temperature and snow cover);
- Analysis of the relationships between vegetational ecosystems and permafrost occurrence.
In 1999 a new three-year research project ‘Permafrost and Climate Change in Antarctica’ (PCCA) (F. Dramis) has been approved within the PRNA (National Research Project on Antarctica). The main topics are:
-Analysis and monitoring of the surface energy balance and the active layer thermal regime in different environmental conditions with particular reference to vegetational ecosystems and gas flux changes;
- Reconstruction of palaeoclimatic conditions from the analysis of ground ice occurring in deglaciated areas.
In this framework, international cooperation programmes have been started with the Antarctic Institute of Argentina (Jorge Strelin) and the University of Ottawa (Hugh French); cooperation agreements are in progress with research institutions of the UK, Brazil and South Africa. Investigations on present-day and Quaternary periglacial landforms and processes are in progress in
the Alps and the Apennines.

Francesco Dramis (dramis@uniroma3.it)

Mauro Guglielmin (cannone.guglielmin@galactica.it)