In Austria permafrost research continues to focus on the dynamics and selected characteristics of active rock glaciers. Viktor Kaufmann (Graz University of Technology) has recently established geodetic/photogrammetric monitoring of velocity and vertical changes of rock glacier surfaces by different methodological approaches at three sites in the Hohe Tauern Range (Central Alps). Especially in the case of the Doesen rock glacier (which was presented at the 7 th International Conference on Permafrost in Yellowknife) a lot of quantitative information is now available providing data for discussion of rheology kinematics in connection with the IPA Task
Force on rock glacier dynamics.

Karl Krainer (University of Innsbruck) has started several activities in the Hohe Tauern range as well as in the Tyrolean Alps. His working group emphasizes sedimentological and hydrological investigations (water and ground temperature, discharge, hydrochemical characteristics and tracing experiments in order to understand runoff systems). Furthermore, surface velocity measurements using GPS techniques are carried out in some of the study areas.

Gerhard Karl Lieb (