Monitoring of permafrost conditions continues in the Retezat, Parâng and Fagaras Mountains (Southern Carpathians). The results of BTS and summer temperature measurements of springs situated at the base of block fields in the Apuseni Mountains (western part of Romanian Carpathians) indicate the existence of sporadic permafrost at low elevations (1050–1100 m asl). A map has been prepared on the geomorphologic risks associated with the Transfagarasan highway area, which is situated in the central part of the highest massif of Romania, the Fagaras Mountains (2544 m). A bibliography prepared on the glacial and periglacial geomorphological problems contains 332 references. Mapping and monitoring of periglacial processes in the Tarcu Mountains (C. Gruia), Lotrului Mountains (C. Ancuta), Surianu Mountains (L. Dragut) and Cernei Mountains (D. Gureanu) continue. A. Szepesi (Bucarest) in his doctoral dissertation modeled and identified the existence of permafrost in the Iezer Mountains.
Petru Urdea (