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The British National Adhering Body of IPA held a two-day Periglacial Workshop on 16 and 17 December 1997 at the University of Cardiff. The meeting was organized by Charles Harris and Julian Murton in association with the IPA Working Group on Periglacial Processes and Environments, the IGU Commission on Climate Change and Periglacial Environments, and the Cryostratigraphic Research Group of the Quaternary Research Association.
The first day focused on cryostratigraphy, with keynote papers by Hugh French on cryostratigraphic methods, Jef Vandenberghe on climate change and periglacial environments, and Julian Murton on the cryostratigraphy and dating of thermokarst lake deposits in the Pleistocene Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T., Canada. Presentations were also given by Matti Seppälä (Helsinki), Stephen Gurney (Reading), Steve Boreham (Cambridge), M.K. Bateman (Sheffield), Hanne Christiansen (Copenhagen), Colin Ballantyne (St. Andrews), Andrew Rochelle (Wolverhampton), Brigitte Van Vliet-Lanoe (Lille), Hideki Miura (Tokyo), Charles Harris (Cardiff) and Julian Murton (Sussex).

The second day of the meeting concentrated on monitoring and modeling of periglacial processes. Keynote papers were presented by J-C Ozouf (Caen) on laboratory modeling of cryogenic weathering, Norikazu Matsuoka (Tsukuba) on monitoring and modeling periglacial soil moments, Wilfried Haeberli (Zurich) on key questions in rock glacier dynamics, and Michael Davies (Dundee) on geotechnical centrifuge modeling of cryogenic processes. Papers were also presented by David Robinson (Sussex), Colin Thorn (Illinois), Fiona Thompson (Warwick), Stanislav Grechishchev (Moscow), Charles Harris (Cardiff), Ole Humlum (Copenhagen) and Duncan Irving (Cardiff).
The workshop concluded with a visit to the Geotechnical Centrifuge Laboratory at the Cardiff University School of Engineering. The conference dinner was enlivened by musical entertainment provided by Wilfried Haeberli (flute), Norikazu Matsuoka (guitar), and Stanislav Grechishchev (piano). Selected papers from the workshop will be published in Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, and copies of abstracts may be obtained from Charles Harris at the University of Cardiff, P.O. Box 914, Cardiff CF1 3YE, UK.
The European PACE Programme (Permafrost and Climate in Europe) is coordinated by Charles Harris at the University of Cardiff (see Frozen Ground No. 21, pages 3– 4). The project held coordination meetings in Cardiff (December 1997) and St. Moritz, Switzerland (March 1998). Information, results and latest news from the PACE project may be found on the new Web site (http://www.cf.ac.uk/uwcc/earth/pace/) or by contacting the administrative secretary (meldrumke@cardiff.ac.uk).
The IPA Web site continues to be maintained by Julia Branson at the Geodata Institute, University of Southampton, U.K. (j.branson@soton.ac.uk)
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