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In the last week of June 1998, two PACE boreholes were drilled and equipped with thermistor chains in Stelvio Park in the Italian Alps. The first reached 103 m depth in limestone bedrock. The second, drilled in an active rock glacier, reached the underlying bedrock at about 50 m depth.
An inventory of rock glaciers in the Italian Alps was completed in 1997. A report was given by M. Guglielmin at the Yellowknife Conference.

Research on permafrost at Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, continued as part of the National Research Project on Antarctica. It includes geomorphological surveying and mapping of periglacial features on ice-free lands, geoelectrical soundings, trenching and borehole drilling, ground-ice analysis, thermistor measurement, and a continuous record of ground temperatures in the active layer and the upper part of the permafrost.
Permafrost investigations are being carried out around the Italian Research Station at Ny Ålesund as part of the Italian CNR (National Research Council) Arctic Project. The program, which will interact with both the PRNA and PACE projects, includes: geomorphological, permafrost, and vegetation mapping; geoelectrical soundings; and BTS survey and borehole drilling to monitor the thermal gradient of the permafrost (active layer and top of permafrost). A second field program of 20 days was undertaken in mid-July 1998.
The results of the workshop on Mountain Permafrost Monitoring and Mapping held in Bormio, Italy, on 27 August 1997 are nearing publication.

Francesco Dramis (dramis@uniroma3.it)