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C. Feis and Ch. Le Coeur continued their studies in Ireland and the Hebrides on the dynamics of slopes in a periglacial climate. A map of the distribution of periglacial features in France has been compiled by S. Courbouleix of BRGM (Orléans). In parallel, he has undertaken a study on the origin of pits and lakes in Sologne as possible thermokarst lakes or palsas. B. Van Vliet Lanoe (University of Lille) studied the evolution of thufurs in Iceland. Research was conducted on thaw–freeze cycles by B. Etlicher (St. Etienne) from granitic weathering products involving fine materials.

G. Rovera is studying the withdrawal of slopes in the Pre-Alps (France). In 1997, field research was carried out on the Lena River to study the fluvial thermal erosion process. It was investigated by E. Gautier (CNRS, Meudon) and F. Costard (CNRS, Orsay) in cooperation with the Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Fluvial Processes at Moscow State University. A laboratory simulation of the gelifluction process was undertaken cooperatively by Cardiff University and the Centre de Géomorphologie, Caen.
This geomorphological work is represented by the Association Française du Périglaciaire, Ch. Le Coeur, President. Modeling of the permafrost thickness in France during the last glaciation was undertaken by BRGM, ANDRA,
CNRS, LCPC. A research program was carried out by A.M. Cames-Pintaux of the Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussés on the validity of numerical modeling from field measurements in Manitonuk. This research program is in cooperation with M. Allard of Centre d’Étude Nordique (Québec). A new project was initiated by J. Aguirre-Puente and F. Costard at the Centre de Géomorphologie, Caen. They are investigating the role of thermal erosion in Central Siberia (Yakutia) as well as on the planet Mars. The project is funded by the Programme National de Planétologie from the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers. This program includes the elaboration of an ablation model and some laboratory simulations of fluvial thermal erosion in a cold chamber. The investigators are now working in the Planetary Geology Group of Orsay University.
This modeling work is represented by the Association Française du Pergélisol, J. Aguirre-Puente, President.
In memory of André Cailleux (1907–1986) a conference organized by F. Costard and J.C. Ozouf was held 16 and 17 January 1997 in Paris in association with the Société Géologique de France and the Groupe Français de Géomorphologie. A total of 28 papers were presented as well as posters on the works of A. Cailleux. The conference theme was periglacial processes and landforms, sedimentology and comparative planetology. Participants from Canada, Spain, Belgium, Iran, and France attended the conference.
A conference organized by J. Aguirre-Puente on Permafrost and Actions of Natural or Artificial Cooling is being convened by CNRS and the International Institute of Refrigeration on 21–23 October 1998 at Orsay University. Forty-four oral presentations will cover thermomechanical mechanisms, periglacial processes, and planetology.

François Costard (fcostard@geol.u-psud.fr) Jean-Pierre Lautridou (lautrid@geos.unicaen.fr)