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The Adhering National Body of Finland comprises 11 Finnish scientific societies. It has had three meetings at which the participants have discussed national research activities and meetings as well as international congresses and symposia in the field of interest—frost, permafrost and other phenomena of cold climates. The work has been most interesting because the members represent different fields of science and technology. The Adhering Body began preparations for a Scandinavian workshop in Finnish Lapland entitled Changes in the Permafrost and Periglacial Environment: Scientific and Technical Approach. The tentative dates of the workshop are 20–24 August 1999. The organizing group has met twice. The Chairman of the Adhering National Body is Matti Seppälä of Helsinki University and the Secretary is Martti Eerola of the Finnish National Road Administration.

Peter Kuhry, Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, reports that INTAS has funded the project Permafrost in the Usa Basin, Russia: Distribution, Characterization, Dynamics and Effects on Infrastructure. Participating institutions and responsible scientists are: Peter Kuhry (project coordinator); Louwrens Hacquebord, Arctic Centre, Groningen, The Netherlands; Galena Mazhitova, Institute of Biology, Komi Science Centre, Syktyvkar, Russia; Naum Oberman, stockcompany Polaruralgeologia, Vorkuta, Russia; and Vladimir Romanovsky, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA. This INTASRFBR project will result in the creation of a GIS of permafrost conditions in the Usa Basin (East-European Russian Arctic) based largely on data from long-term monitoring of permafrost conditions and characteristics. The GIS will characterize the current condition of permafrost in an area which represents the tundra–taiga ecotone. Mathematical modeling of permafrost dynamics will be employed to forecast permafrost degradation, and potential impacts of permafrost degradation will be analyzed.

Matti Seppälä (matti.seppala@helsinki.fi) Martti Eerola (martti.eerola@tieh.fi) Peter Kuhry (pkuhry@levi.urova.fi)