During 1997 the following activities were carried out within the Italian IPA Adhering Body.
Research was conducted on mountain permafrost in the Italian Alps with particular reference to permafrost degradation and related slope instability phenomena.
A three-year research program on permafrost and buried ice in Victoria Land, Antarctica, funded by the ENEA-PRNA Project, is in progress. It includes geophysical soundings, thermal logging and monitoring of boreholes, and chemical and isotope analysis of ground ice.
A research project on permafrost distribution and thermal characteristics in the Svalbard Islands has been initiated with the financial support of the National Research Council. The first field investigations (including deep drilling) will start in the spring of 1998.

The Italian IPA group contributed to the one-day workshop associated with the M4 field trip, Mountain Permafrost Monitoring and Mapping (Zurich–Bologna, 22–28 August 1997), in cooperation with the IPA Mountain Permafrost Working Group and the IGU Commission on Climatic Change and Periglacial Environments. For more information and a site map, see Supplementi di Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria, suppl. III, t.2, p. 181–203, 1997.
A contribution was also made to the preparation of the PACE EU Project, and a book on mountain permafrost was published (see p. 33).

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