The Utrecht University (Koster) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Vandenberghe/Kasse) will take part in the EC-funded project TUNDRA (Tundra Degradation in the Rus¬sian Arctic) within the framework of the Environment and Climate program. The project is coordinated by Peter Kuhry (Arctic Center, Rovaniemi, Finland) and has as a general objective to obtain net fluxes for carbon and fresh water from an arctic catchment under base-case and global change scenarios. The Dutch contribution will concern climate change and the hydrological cycle. Its specific aim is to develop a GIS-based hydrological model of the Usa catchment which will provide seasonal to annual water and sediment budgets under natural conditions (based on the variability of the last 2000 years) and global change scenarios. Validation will take place at four selected field sites through comparson of model output with long-term records from hydrographic stations in the Usa basin.

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