The 50th (Jubilee) Canadian Geotechnical Conference was held in Ottawa in October 1997. The 1997 Roger J.E. Brown Award was presented to Jack Clark, in recognition of his role in the development of permafrost engineering in northern Canada in the 1970s and 1980s. Dr. Clark was formerly president and CEO of the Center for Cold Oceans Research and Engineering in St. John’s, and still has an emeritus appointment there. He is also a former member of the Canadian National Committee for the IPA. At the business meeting of the Cold Regions Division, a new division chair was elected — Alan Hanna, of AGRA Earth & Environmental Limited, Calgary, Alberta. He replaces Elizabeth Hivon on 1 January 1998. The business meeting also considered the problem of competing conferences, and noted that there are at present too many conferences with similar themes in cold regions or northern engineering. Smaller meetings have increasing difficulty competing with larger, aggressively promoted conferences. The 51st Canadian Geotechnical Conference will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, in fall 1998. For more information, contact Don Lewycky (Tel: 403 496 6773; Fax: 403 944 6753; e-mail:

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