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The Laboratory of Geocryology of the International Center of Geoecology of Mountain Countries in Arid Regions (ICGM) carried out studies on monitoring of permafrost and the thermal regime of the active layer in northern Tien Shan. The laboratory continued to study cryogenic processes, movement of solifluction, rock glaciers, frost heave on the thufur area, and the mapping of permafrost and associated phenomena in the Zailiisky Alatau Range. In 1996 the monograph Geocryological Conditions of the Tien-Shan and Pamirs by A.P. Gorbunov, E.V. Seversky and S.N. Titkov was prepared for publication.

The Laboratory of Glaciology continues to work on the theme Monitoring and Forecast of Fluctuations of the Glacial Systems in the Mountains of Kazakstan. Year-round observations on winter and summer precipitation, accumulation and ablation of snow and ice, movement of ice, and the ice surface have continued on the experimental glacier Tuyuksu in the Zailiisky Alatau. Research at the Shumsky and
Muravlev glaciers in Dzhungarsky Alatau resulted in a number of papers co-authored with the University of Wisconsin and showed the dynamics and mass exchange of the glaciers in connection with climate features for 25 years of observations.
The Laboratory of Snow Cover and Avalanches was renamed the Laboratory of Geoecological Problems of Mountain Territories. During the winter of 1995/96 observations on snow cover and avalanche activity were carried out. I.V. Seversky took part in the International Conference on Ecohydrology of High Mountain Areas in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he submitted a report, Distribution of Snow Cover in
the Mountains of Central Asia. V.P. Blagoveshchensky presented a report, Estimation of Avalanche Risk, at the conference Mountains and Man held in Barnaul in March 1996.
In August 1996, ICGM intends to arrange an expedition to the Inylchek Glacier, Central Tien Shan, along the route of G. Mertzbacher, who reached this area more than 90 years ago. Scientists from Germany, Austria and Poland are expected to take part. Included will be observations on ecology, glaciology and geocryology in Central Tien Shan. The contact person is V. Popov. E-mail is the same for the Institute of Geography and ICGM.

Submitted by A.P. Gorbunov and V. P. Blagoveshchensky (geograf@rmmts.almaty.kz)