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The paleopermafrost modeling program continues with a drillhole in western France, undertaken by the participating agencies: CNRS, French Geological Survey, Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, and the National Agency for Nuclear Wastes. Comparison with field evidence is underway in Normandy (CNRS, Caen) and in Aquitaine (Institut du Quaternaire, Bordeaux).
The paleopermafrost data will be published as a CLIMEX Map at the end of this year under the direction of Jean Dercourt, President of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW). Efforts will be made to incorporate additional information from the European Group of Climate Modeling for the Last Glaciation.

At Caen (Centre de Géomorphologie, CNRS) experiments on thermal erosion of the river banks in cold regions (J. Aguirre-Puente and F. Costard) and on the cryoreptation (frost creep) process (C. Harris, Cardiff; J.P. Coutard, Caen) continue. A new program on the genesis of the cryoturbations has started (Cardiff, Caen). Field research on the periglacial slope processes (cryoreptation, debris flow) in the mountains is almost completed and publications are in press. The studies on the fossil periglacial deposits of Perigord and Quercy presented at the Symposium Grèzes Litées (September 1994) continue (collaboration Bordeaux, Périgueux, Caen). Michele Evin continues her work on rock glacier hydrology in the French Alps (Ubaye) with Italian colleagues.
The French Polar Institute plans to transform Kerguelen Island (Subantarctic) into a nature reserve.
The French Periglacial Association publishes reports of its activities. The President is Brigitte Van Vliet-Lanoe (Geosciences,
UniversitC de Rennes 1, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France), and the Secretary is Monique Fort (Départ. Géographie, Université Paris, Paris VII, 75251 Paris, France).
In May 1995, the Canada-France meeting at Caen, Sols Gelés, Processus Thermophysiques et GComorphologiques, resulted in 28 communications and one volume of abstracts.
A meeting will be held in Paris 16-17 January 1997 in honor of Andre Cailleux, organized by the French Geological Society, the French Periglacial Group, and the French Geomorphological Group, with a special session on terrestrial and Mars periglacial. The organizer is Francois Costard, Centre de Géomorphologie, Caen (Tel: 33 31 45 5714; Fax: 33 31 45 5757).
Submitted by Jean-Pierre Lautridou and Brigitte Van Vliet-Lanoe (lautridou@geomorpho.unicaen.fr, lanoe@univ-rennes1.fr)