In recent years, research on permafrost and periglacial phenomena has been undertaken by several Romanian  geomorphologists. Under the coordination of Petru Urdea, a team from the University of Timisoara carried out summer temperature measurements of springs situated at the base of rock glaciers, and talus cones in the Retezat and Fâgâras Mountains, and used BTS measurements to map periglacial forms from the Surianu (L. Drâgut), Lotrului (C. Ancuta) and Tarcu Mountains (C. Gruia), where the temperature of the springwater suggests the possibility of permafrost.
In September and October 1994, together with Jocopo Passoti (University of Milan), measurements were made of soil temperature from the high zone of the Fâgâras and Retezat Mountains.
D. Calin (Bucarest) and M. Florea (Brasov) have prepared a Geomorphological Risk Map of the Negoiu Zone (Fâgâras Mountains).
A data bank covering quantitative and qualitative characteristics of permafrost, periglacial processes and landforms in the Romanian Carpathians, as well as monitoring of the permafrost, has been initiated as part of the IPA/GGD.

Submitted by Petru Urdea