Within the framework of a Dutch-Russian treaty for scientific cooperation, the Willem Barentz field station has been opened at the eastern valley side of the lower Yenisei River, Russia, near its mouth in the North Polar Sea at Dickson (west Taimyr, c. 73°N). This field station has been set up by biologists, but will also be open for other scientists. There are places for 10-20 persons. The station is accessible by sea and air (by plane to Dickson and then 10 minutes by helicopter). At present, there is a "managing committee." The contact person for The Netherlands is B. Ebbinge, Afdeling Aquatische Ecologie, Institut voor Bosen Natuuronderzoek (IBM-DLO), P.B. 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands. Tel: 31 3434 55204.

Submitted by Jef Vandenberghe