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J. Aguirre-Puente, President of the French IPA association, participated in a meeting (May 1995) of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). The institute wishes to establish a link with the IPA, the common theme being global change. The IIR has a commission to study the environmental problems caused by CFCs. The next international conference of the IIR will be held at the Hague 20-25 August 1996. The IIR contact is L. Lucas, Director, 117 Boulevard Maleshebes, 75017 Paris, France.
There is an active periglacial commission of the National Committee of Geography that includes French geomorphologists who work on fossil and active processes (Alps, Andes, Arctic, Antarctic). They conduct a field trip and hold a two-day symposium each year and results are published. M. Fort, Secretary, Geography, University Paris may be contacted for details. One  discussion concerned the extent and depth of Weichselian permafrost; several papers addressed modeling and comparisons with field evidence. This also relates to studies in the EEC Program on paleoclimatic evolution during the Weichselian (in loess) with classic dating and other measurements (14C, 13C, 18O), and new techniques compared with the Vostok core. Many papers concerning fossil frost processes in relation to paleoclimate and paleogeography have been published.

Submitted by J.-P. Lautridou