Membership of the Danish Society for Arctic Technology includes 20 companies and institutions, 85 private members and 2 students. Of these, 37 receive at their request, Frozen Ground. In Greenland, we collaborate with our sister organization, the Greenland Technological Society. The new Chairman for the Danish Adhering Body, the Danish Society for Arctic Technology (SAT), is Sven Bertelsen. Bertelsen is a director of the consulting engineering firm N&R Consult A/S (from 1 January 1995, Nellemann, Nielsen & Rauschenberger NS). N&R Consult has been involved in arctic engineering since the late 1950s. Through work mainly in Greenland, extensive knowledge of permafrost related to engineering has been gained.

With a change in the SAT chair, the address has also recently changed: Danish Society for Arctic Technology, N&R Huset, Sortemosevej 2, DK-3450 Allerød, Denmark.

Several other international organizations are represented in Denmark at the Danish Polar Center, which represents Danish interests on many international committees. Secretariats for the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Northern Sciences Network (NSN) and the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) are located in the DPC. For more information contact The Danish Polarcenter, Strandage 1 OOH, DK- 140 I , Copenhagen, (E-mail:

Submitted by H.N. Mai
Secretary. Danish Society for Arctic Technology