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The Adhering Body is small, but active. Work has been undertaken in the Antarctic, the Drakensberg Mountains, and the mountains of the Western Cape. The first meeting of the "Southern African Permafrost Group" (SAPG) was held in April 1993 at the University of the Western Cape, and a field session was held in the mountains of that area. A Bibliography of Research on Periglacial Geomorphology in Southern Africa was compiled by Jan Boelhouwers. Papers on related topics were presented at the International Permafrost Conference in Beijing, the International Association of Geomorphologists meeting in Hamilton, and the local SASQUA meeting in Kimberley. Cooperative work with colleagues in Caen, France, was initiated. An attempt is being made to interest the world community in the cryogenic questions of the Southern Hemisphere and to broaden the local membership of the SAPG, which includes: President: Kevin Hall (University of Natal); Secretary: Patricia Hanvey University of Witwatersrand); President-Elect: Jan Boelhouwers (University of the Western Cape).

Prepared by Kevin Hall