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The annual meeting of the Council on Cryology was held in Pushchino, near Moscow, 20-24 April 1993 at the Institute of Soil and Photosynthesis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the plenary session eight papers were presented:

  • Development of the coastal area of the Arctic seas
  • Thermoabrasion of Arctic shores and decomposition of gas hydrates
  • Engineering-geocryological research in the central area of the Yamal Peninsula
  • Formation of the tundra soil cover in northeast Russia
  • Permafrost research in the Arctic territories to develop recommendations for survey and construction
  • Changes in the rate of thermoabrasion and thermodenudation in the coastal area of the Laptev Sea
  • Permafrost evolution and its monitoring by the contemporary global climate change
  • The dynamics of frozen shores in the shoal coastal area of the East Siberian Sea
  • International Circumpolar Permafrost Map (Russian part)

At the special sessions, about 70 papers on general and engineering geocryology (physics and chemistry of frozen soil, hydrology, linear construction, underground water, ecology, and environmental protection) were discussed.

An international seminar on "Protection of Construction Against Frost Heaving" was held in Chita, Siberia, 27-29 September 1993 at the Chita Department of the Permafrost Institute.

Prepared by Nikolai Grave