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At the Council meeting in 1993 in Beijing, China, the Spanish National Permafrost Committee became an official member of the International Permafrost Association. The committee currently consists of 28 scientists that are representative of Spanish research in the field of permafrost and geocryology. The members are from different universities and research institutes in Spain, e.g. Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Santander, Sevilla, LaLaguna (Tenerife), AlcalA, Jaca Huesca. The committee elected Professor David Palacios, Universidad Computense, Madrid, as its chairman. The IPA Committee plans to meet in June 1994 to establish its organization and plans.

Committee members are conducting permafrost studies in several Spanish mountain ranges (Pyrenees, Cordillera Cantabrica, Sistema Central, Sierra Nevada and Teide Volcano). Some Spanish teams are also working abroad, e.g. in the Mexican stratovolcanoes, the South American Andes, and Antarctica.

Prepared by Lorenz King
Regional Reporter, Europe