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Current activities in permafrost research relate to technical developments and are scaled to the size of the country and the actual problems. Some 30 people are involved to varying degrees.

Research on permafrost and periglacial processes takes place at the Polar Research Institute and in university departments. The level of activity is about the same as before and the work involves close cooperation with foreign colleagues. Construction activities at Svalbard have been reduced in recent years. Greater involvement of Norwegian-based oil companies is, however, foreseen for the Barents Sea region. It is important to be prepared for this development. As part of this, the Norwegian Institute of Technology is offering education and research opportunities in permafrost technology. This is made possible through close cooperation with Canadian and Russian colleagues.

Norway has terminated publication of the journal Frost Action in Soils. Membership in IPA has thus become even more important to us, and we appreciate the information we receive through IPA in general and Frozen Ground in particular.

Prepared by Kaare Flaate