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Within the framework of regular Quaternary geological mapping and investigations the study of periglacial (and permafrost-related) phenomena in Weichselian sediments continues. These studies are pursued in particular by the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Free University (Amsterdam) and to some extent by the Geological Survey of The Netherlands and the Departments of Physical Geography of the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam.

A recent topic of interest is "cryogenic microfabrics and macrostructures and their palaeoenvironmental significance" (see A.S. Huyzer, 1993, Free University of Amsterdam, Thesis, 245 p.).

A major activity in (sub)Arctic regions has been the Greenland Ice Margin Experiment (GIMEX). These studies are carried out in the Sondre Stromfjord area in western Greenland. This multidisciplinary programme is on:

  • the mass balance of the (west) Greenland ice sheet and its sensitivity to climate change
  • the meteorology of the ablation zone of the ice sheet and the adjacent tundra area
  • the Holocene deglaciation history
  • the palaeoecology of the tundra margin
  • the sediment balance in the fjord region

The study of periglacial phenomena and permafrost temperature profiles forms an integral part of this research programme. In the summer of 1993 another expedition (about 15 participants) to the Sondre Stromfjord region will take place.

Prepared by Eduard A. Koster