The Adhering Body is the Danish Society of Arctic Technology and its sister organization, the Greenland Technological Society. The Adhering Body acts as a source of information concerning International Permafrost Association activities for Danish and Greenlandic members of the societies. The societies' membership includes about 300 individuals and 40 companies and institutions. Within this framework the societies organize meetings and establish links with other organizations and companies concerned with cold climate regions. Besides the societies' initiatives in both countries, with meetings and the like, work is also carried out in consulting engineering companies, universities, and governmental institutions.

In January 1993 a group of consulting engineering companies in Denmark and Sweden prepared the first draft of a book entitled Permafrost Studies for Hydro-Power. The work, sponsored by the Nordic Industrial Foundation, covers the relationship of permafrost to: 1) hydraulic structures in general, 2) lakes, and 3) dams and embankments.

Long-term temperature data for rock in Greenland are still being collected at some stations. The data are kept in the Greenland Home Rule hydrological-climatological database, where considerable time series are now available. From this database and synoptic temperature data from Denmark's Meteorological Institute a new map has been drawn of discontinuous and continuous permafrost distribution in Greenland. The map was shown at the poster session at the Beijing Conference, together with a display copy of the first draft of the book Permafrost Studies for Hydro-Power.

Submitted by Thorkild Thomsen