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The International Geological Correlation Programme Project No. 297, "Geocryology of the Americas," will have its fourth  meeting together with the Sixth International Conference on Permafrost in Beijing. It will be joined by the IPA Working Group on Periglacial Environments. Those interested in presenting papers for these meetings should send them to Cui Zhijiu, Department of Geography, Peking University, Beijing, China, before April 30, 1993. Plans are to present these papers to the journal Permafrost and Periglacial Processes for publication. More information on the IGCP meeting can be obtained from Arturo Corte or Jean-Pierre Lautridou.

Over the past year or more, a number of international scientists have visited field sites and laboratories in Argentina, including:

A. Gorbornov from Alma Ata, who visited several rock glacier sites.

Tatjuna Kademtzova from Moscow, who is studying the the relationship of snow depth to permafrost distribution in the Andes.

Xie Zichu from Lanzhou, who discussed student exchanges, and Wei Yaoshi, a student, who is now conducting field field studies on pre-Cordilleran glaciation and geocryology.

Thea Vogt from Strasbourg, who conducted field research on calcium carbonate precipitation under cryogenic conditions.

Lothar Schrott, a student from Heidelberg University, spent two years in the IANIGLA conducting field studies on the relationship of incoming radiation and rock glaciers.

Report by Arturo E. Corte