The Commission on Permafrost Problems at the Committee on Polar Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences continues its activities in Poland. In 1990 a long-term permafrost research program was continued in two areas of western Spitsbergen. In the Homsund Fiord, at the Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences, measurements of the ground thermal conditions and dynamics of the permafrost active layer were conducted in conjunction with studies of the hydrometeorology of the area (M. Pulina, J. Pereyma, J. Klementowski, K. Migala). Similar studies were conducted in the Bellsund Fiord (K. Pekala), with particular attention being paid to conditions of the permafrost environment (soils, ecosystem). Different studies, based at the Research Station of Stockholm University inTarfal's Valley, were carried out in the mountain massif of Kebnekajse, Swedish Lapland, in a discontinuous permafrost area. Measurements of soil movement begun in 1982 were completed, with the data providing a clearer estimation of the dynamics of the frost creep process (A. Jahn).

Members of the Commission traditionally meet in Lublin, supported by the University, which is very active in polar matters.  This past year's seminar was devoted to periglacial problems. A book entitled Polar Session, Periglacial Phenomena of Western Spitshergen (Institute of Earth Sciences, M. Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin. 1990) was published as a result of this meeting. It contains 29 reports and two color maps and summarizes Commission activities.

Members of the Commission of Permafrost Problems:

Prof. A. Jahn
Geographical Institute
University of Wroclaw

Prof. Kazimierz Pekala
Prof. Marian Harasimiuk
Institute of Earth Sciences of M. Curie-Sklodowska University
ul. Akademicka 19
20-033, Lublin

Prof. Zdzislaw Czeppe
Institute of Geography
Jagiellonian University
ul. Grodzka 64
3 1-044 Krakow

Prof. Andrzej Karczewski
Prof. Andrzej Kostrzewski
Prof. Stefan Kozarski
Quaternary Research Institute
A. Mickiewicz University, ul. Fredry 10
6 1-701, Poznan

Prof. Leszek Lindner
Institute of Geology
Warsaw University
al. Zwirki i Wigury 93
02-089 Warsaw

Prof. Marian Pulina
Faculty of Earth Sciences
University of Silesia
ul. Mielczarskiego 60
41-200 Sosnowiec

Prof. Jan Szupryczynski
Institute of Geography
Polish Academy of
ul. Kopernika 19
87- 100 Torun

Prof. Gabriel Wojcik
Institute of Geography
M. Copemicus University
ul. Fredry 8
87- 100 Torun

Dr. Jan Gozdzik
Institute of Geography
University of Lodz
al. Kosciuszki 2 1
90-4 18 Lodz

Prepared by
Prof. A. Jahn