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The International Geological Correlation Programme, Project No. 297, "Geocryology of the Americas," will have its fourth meeting together with the VI International Conference on Permafrost, 5-9 July 1993, in Beijing, China. The aims of the project are clearly defined as:

  1. to identify present and past geocryogenic processes,
  2. to correlate them across the Americas and the world,
  3. to identify areas of future applications and nature conservation, and
  4. to stimulate training in geocryology.

Dates for submission of abstracts, papers and registrations are the same as for the Permafrost Conference. For more information contact the organizer of the meeting in China: Cui Zhijiu, University of Qeijing, China; or Project 297 leader
Arturo E.Corte, P.O. Box 330,5500 Mendoza, Argentina, Telex: 55438 CYTME AR; Fax: 54-61-380370.

Report by Arturo E. Corte