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Report from the U. S. S. R.

The annual meeting of the Scientific Council for Earth Cryology of the USSR Academy of Sciences was held in March 1989 in Moscow. About 90 papers and posters were discussed at seven sessions. The Plenary papers were: Geochemical processes and mineral resources in the recent and ancient zones of gas hydrates; The development of the oil-gas industry on the North and the aims of the geocryological ecological researchers; The problem of icings; The problems of geocryological researches in Yamal peninsula; A theory of the soil cryogenesis; Northern hydrology; Numerical modelling of the interaction between cryolithozone and gas-hydrate deposit; The Cryosphere as a component of the water exchange system; The geocryological researches in the Arctic.

The same meeting of the Scientific Council was held in March 1990 in Moscow. 70 papers and posters were discussed at 8 sessions. The Plenary papers were: Climate change and permafrost; Temperature profiles and thickness of permafrost
influenced by local conditions; Changes of recent permafrost caused by climate fluctuations; Quaternary glaciation in the permafrost area in middle Asia mountains; A genesis and age of the underground ice of the Novosibirskie islands; Engineering-ecological measures by oil-gas industry constructions. The conference "Geoecology, problems and decisions" was held in April 1990 in Moscow (Department of Geology of the USSR). At the session "The ecological problems in the Cryolithozone", 5 papers were discussed: The sensibility of northern ecosystems to a technogenic impact in permafrost area;
Ecology and a development of the Cryolitozone; Problems of the landuse by a development of the Yamal Peninsula; geoecological research on permafrost field stations; geocryological research by mining in permafrost area.

Books, prepared by the Scientific Council for Earth Cryology, edited by "Nauka", Moscow in 1989 were:

  1. http://ipa.arcticportal.org/templates/ipa/images/liMark.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat;">Goncharov, Yu.M. "Foundations on Permafrost" (Effectivni construkcii fundamentov na vechnomerzlich
  2. http://ipa.arcticportal.org/templates/ipa/images/liMark.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat;">Romanovski, N.N., Tjurin, A.L., Sergeeve, D.O. "Rock streams of bald-mountain belts" (Kurumi
    golgsovogo pojasa)

Books, edited by "Nedra", Moscow (1989) include the Monographs "Geocryology of the USSR" which are detailed in theMiscellaneous Items section.

Several meetings concerning geocryologic issues were held during 1989. The All-Union Conference on geocryological base of soil cryogenesis was held in February near Moscow. The 3rd All-Union conference on icings met in Irkutsk in March. An international symposium on problems of boring in difficult conditions met in Leningrad in June. In Jamburg (West Siberia) an
International Symposium on the Geocryology of the Arctic was held (see Frozen Ground No.6). In November there was a meeting on the ecology of cities in Siberia.

A further seminar is planned for September 1990 in Leningrad under the title: Engineering - Geological Study and Estimation of Conditions of Permafrost, Seasonal Frost and Thawing Fine-grained Soils. The meeting is organized by the USSR Ministry of Energy Industry. Discussion will cover methods, general results, and soil behaviour at the base of buildings, dykes and pits. Potential overseas participants should submit a short (5-6 pages) report for publication. For further details, contact 195220, Leningrad, Gzhatskay. Tel: Leningrad 555-88-90 (Kzivonogova): Moscow 280-13-86 (Nikitina).