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The Italian Adhering Body of the International Permafrost Association is constituted of 36 researchers belonging to several Universities and Research Centres.

A systematic study of Italian rock glaciers by means of both aerial photographic analysis and field survey is still in progress. In this framework, geomorphological surveys of periglacial features were carried out in the Monviso area (Western Alps) together with french colleagues and in Valfurva (Western Alps); for these latter studies geophysical investigations were
also executed on some rock glaciers. In addition, fieldwork was carried out in the Valle d'Aosta (Western Alps) to determine the importance of soils for datings of geomorphological events (glacier changes, floods, landslides, debris flows, avalanches, solifluction, etc.) in an alpine environment. Moreover, some researchers of the Adhering Body participated in the last expedition of the Italian Antarctica Project and another two will collaborate in the next one (1989-90). The Group, together with colleagues from Switzerland and Austria, is also planning a post-congress excursion in the Eastern Alps for the Meeting of the IPA Working Group "Mountain Permafrost", organized by W. Haeberli for September 1991.