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According to the rules, the National Committee on Permafrost Research and Technology in Finland works an IPA interconference period and the member organisations renominated their representatives in 1988 for the new committee. Dr. Matti Seppala (Department of Geography, University of Helsinki) is continuing as Chairman and the new secretary is Mr. Martti Eerola of the Finnish National Road Administration Laboratory.

The following events took place in Finland in 1989: an international ISSMFE symposium "Frost in Geotechnical Engineering", held in Lapland in March, organised by the Finnish Geotechnical Society and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) - the large proceedings volumes are available on request; the Committee had two meetings with discussions of frost and snow
investigations in Finland; and, the National Road Administration Laboratory produced a film of frost on roads where some of the Committee members were specialists - the film was presented in Finnish TV programmes.