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The Second International Conference on Geornorphology took place at the University of Frankfurt between September 3 and 9, 1989. More than 650 abstracts of lectures and posters were accepted for presentation at this conference and are published. Permafrost related topics were mainly treated in section 5 (climate geomorphology), with a special subsection
devoted to periglacial geomorphology. During several one-day field trips, relict permafrost and periglacial features were demonstrated.

A special symposium was devoted to "Polar Geomorphology" and took place before the main conference in Bremen (August 30 to September 3). It was organized by the Institute for Physical and Polar Geography of the University of Bremen (Professor G. Stablin). 28 papers were presented to 35 participants from 15 different countries. Most of the papers presented in Frankfurt and in Bremen will be published in scientific journals, mainly in the Zeitschrift fur Geornorphologie or in Permafrost and Periglacial Processes.

A group of about 50 scientists, (mainly physical geographers) will visit the Liefdefjord area in northern Spitzbergen from June to August 1990. Geornorphological, geoecological and geological studies will be undertaken. A small group visited the area this past summer and brought along some of the scientific equipment and accommodation material. The head of the project is Professor W. D. Blumel, Stuttgart.

No engineering work in permafrost regions is reported so far. For road construction in areas with seasonal frost action the requirements are ready to be published by the Research Institute for Traffics (Forschungsgesellschaft fur das Strassen und
Verkehrswesen). Much activity is related to artificial ground freezing for application in tunneling (Mannheim, Dilsseldorf) and in shaft sinking (Gorleben, Rheinberg).

Further information on activities in the Arctic and Antarctic are available from the Alfred Wegner lnstitute for Polar Research.

L. King and H.L Jessberger