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The Finnish Geotechnical Society sponsored the International Symposium on Frost in Geotechnical Engineering on March 13-15,1989, in Saariselka, Finland. Approximately 150 researchers from around the world attended. Three sessions were
held, including special lectures on the mechanics of freezing and thawing by B. Ladanyi, the frost heave properties of soils by D.M. Anderson, and frost protection in design and construction by R. Nordal. Other lectures were:

  • Simulation of freezing and thawing of soil materials by E.A. Bondarev
  • Frost problems in road construction by H. Brand1
  • Modeling of thermal soil behavior by M. Fremond
  • Frost susceptibility of soils by H. Jessberger
  • Frost protection of design and construction in Japan by F. Kohno
  • Preventative measures against frost action in soils by S. Kinosita
  • Freezing and thawing in cylindrical coordinates by V.J. Lunardini
  • Preventative measures against frost action in soils by A. Phukan
  • Evaluation of frost heave properties of soils by S. Saarelainen
  • Adfreeze strength of soils by A.V. Sadovsky
  • Physical changes in clay due to frost action and their effects on engineering structures by E. Chamberlain.

52 related papers were presented and discussed and were published in two volumes, available from Technical Research Center of Finland. Following the symposium there was a two-day field trip to observe roads and road construction techniques
in Lapland. Methods of dealing with road icings, cracking and snow drifting were examined. The next symposium is scheduled for Anchorage, Alaska in 1993.

Based on a report by V. Lunardini, CRREL, USA