We are pleased to welcome Denmark as the newest member of our association. On 18 October 1988 Denmark applied for membership with the Danish Society for Arctic Technology (SAT) as the Adhering Body. SAT was established in 1985 with the objective of creating an interdisciplinary contact between individuals and companies with knowledge and interest in cold regions
technology. SAT has 200 individual members and 35 company members. The officers of SAT are as follows:

Chairman :
Mr. Gunnar P. Rosendahl, Director, Nuna-Tek (formerly Greenland Technical Organization, GTO)

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Henrik Mai, Managing Director, Arctic Consultant Group

Secretary General:
Mr. Thorkild Thornsen, M.Sc., Nuna-Tek Surveys.

The application of Denmark for membership was approved by mail ballot of Council Members and has been eonfirmed by a general meeting of SAT. The Board of SAT has approved that Denmark pay dues of $250 per year in Group 3.