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Both the Canadian National Committee for the IPA (CNC/IPA) and the Permafrost Subcommittee of the Associate Committee on Geotechnical Research (ACGR) met in November 1988. Permafrost activities in Canada over the past 12 months are summarized as follows:

At the Geological Association of Canada Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, on May 16, 1989, a special session entitled "Massive Ground Ice: Delineation, geology and origin" was organized by F. A. Michel (Carleton University) and A. S. Judge
(Geological Survey of Canada). Fifteen papers were presented including several from Soviet participants. There were approximately 60 participants.

Following the annual meeting of the Canadian Geotechnical Society in Winnipeg, a workshop on Saline Permafrost was held at the University of Manitoba on October 26,1989. The workshop was sponsored jointly by the Permafrost Subcommittee and the Cold Regions Geotechnology Division of the Canadian Geotechnical-Society. The organizers were D. Sego (University of Alberta), T.H.W. Baker (National Research Council of Canada), P. Vidan (Government of the Northwest Territories). There
were approximately forty participants.

On October 27, 1989, a workshop on Permafrost and Climate Change was organized and conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada. Conveners were J. A. Heginbottom, A.S. Judge, and D. G. Harry. The workshop was chaired by D.A. St.-Onge, Director, Terrain Sciences Division. It was attended by approximately forty people and followed the Symposium on the Arctic and Global Change organized by the Climate Institute (Washington, DC) and sponsored by several U.S. and Canadian agencies.

The Permafrost Subcommittee under the chairmanship of D.W. Hayley coordinates much of the permafrost activities within Canada. The Subcommittee's priorities for the next four years are:

  1. carry through the organization of the Fifth Canadian Permafrost Conference
  2. complete the Permafrost Testing Manual
  3. examine the scope and methods for a research test facility for pipelines with permafrost. Such a project would build upon the Carleton University-France initiative at Caen
  4. investigate the possibilities of reproducing the book Permafrost Engineering and Construction, edited by G.H. Johnston.

For additional information on activities of the Subcommittee contact T.H.W. Baker, Research Advisor, Permafrost Subcommittee (ACGR), Geotechnical Section, Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council, Ottawa KIA OR7, Canada.

The Permafrost Subcommittee continues to coordinate preparations for the Fifth Canadian Permafrost Conference which is also sponsored by the CNC/IPA, the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Université Laval. The CNC/IPA will host the IPA Executive Committee and Council meetings in Quebec in June 1990. Canada expressed interest at Trondheim in holding the VII International Conference on Permafrost in 1998. Discussions are currently underway in the permafrost community and it is hoped an invitation will be issued at the time of the VI Conference in China.

H.M French